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Doug Johnson – Entertainment Plus Productions


“Matt is a very nice guy who does his job very well....always a pleasure to work with. I have used his services for years, and will continue. Companies should absolutely consider him for any INSURANCE needs! Doug” April 8, 2010

Mike Bowes


“I have been going directly to Matt for the past decade or so for all of my film production insurance needs. Every experience was great - I have always found him to have the right knowledge, display good judgment, and have the fast turn around that a film production environment demands.” April 8, 2010

Golden Trailer Awards
“Matt McDonough understands the entertainment business and get us the best rate for insurance possible for all the productions we do. He is always accessible and makes sure you have what you need to get your production completed - on budget and on time!” April 9, 2010

Kory Addis

“I have used Matt for Equipment Insurance Binders a number of times and whether it's within weeks or years, Matt and Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage, LLC has given me the very best service and quality. I highly recommend Matt and Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage, LLC.” April 11, 2010

Pete Demas


“Matt is the only one I will go to when I need Production Insurance. He can tailor insurance for whatever your production needs at the best rates, as well as making sure those certificates are sent at a moments notice. Matt has helped me in a pinch on more than one occasion and I will continue to do business with him.” July 13, 2010

Richard Numeroff


“Recommend highly... experienced and trustworthy!” June 22, 2010

Captains of Industry


“Matt and his company have always been very responsive in their work for my marketing agency, Captains of Industry. I would recommend him to anyone in this industry.” March 11, 2011

Yankee Classic Pictures


“Matt McDonough and Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage, LLC have always given us the best service at a good rate for both film productions and for events. I have always recommended them as the best in New England for insurance needs. Matt, himself, is active in the industry and keeps a presence at local events and social meetings. He has always been prompt and knowledgeable and helpful in difficult situations. My company, myself, and those I co-produce with will continue to use his services and enjoy running into him socially and professionally. Jean-Paul Ouellette (Yankee Classic Pictures & Woods Hole Film Festival)” March 11, 2011

Audio One Inc.


“I recommend Matt as an agent for all types of insurance. Business insurance, life insurance, disability insurance ; he does it all. Matt is always there at every emergency we've had and has always been easy to reach. You can't find a better agent than Matt. He knows how to get us the best rates, and is great at doing everything he says. 5 STAR AGENT.” March 10, 2011

Rhino Studios

“AWESOME AGENT!!!!” March 11, 2011

Alan Rowe Kelly


“Matt McDonough of Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage, LLC has been an absolute lifeline for my production company in regards to giving us proper coverage on all of my films at the most reasonable and competitive rates nationwide. For the independent filmmaker, Matt totally understands the restrictions of low-budget filmmaking and has always been on hand to guide and relieve me of the extra stress that comes with properly procuring a location, hiring actors (union & non-union), and working with crews and producers. He is one of the only outposts left in the U.S. for independent cinema and gladly shares his knowledge to deliver the best deals per project - thus eliminating the filmmaker of any doubt or apprehension so they can move on with production. I wouldn't consider making a film without him and always recommend Matt and Arts & Entertainment Insurance Brokerage, LLC to every filmmaker I know.” March 10, 2011


Jim Muscarella


“Matt & Company have provided me with superlative support on countless jobs with absolute and ultra-consistant prowess to any other COverage company to date. Lighting fast responses, unbeatable rates, expert advice and immediate turnaround for INS Certs make this my ONLY choice for modest level budget productions; in NYC and beyond.” March 11, 2011


Craig Orsini


“Matt has always been around when I have called in a jam.” March 11, 2011

John Doucet


“I have been a client of Arts and Entertainment Insurance for a number of years, and I have always been been very pleased with the timely, expert service Matt provides. No matter the urgency, Matt has always come through with the right solution extremely quickly. I highly recommend him.” March 11, 2011

Jim Berman


“On the multiple occasions we had to work with Matt, he made the process of implementing quality production insurance efficient and economical. I would have no reservations in working with him again as the need arises.” March 11, 2011

Atlanta Teleproductions


“For over ten years we have used Matt's company, Arts and Entertainment for our commercial insurance needs. We have produced hundreds of television shows for ESPN, Speed Channel, Public Broadcasting, Turner Broadcasting, as well as other cable networks. Matt has always had the expertise to find the best and most economical way to provide insurance that fit our needs. He is always our first call.” March 12, 201

Claire Ambrosio


“Matt is one of the best insurance broker I have worked he detailed and helpful.” March 24, 2011

Feast of San Gennaro


“Matt is the best agent I have used. He is also creative and gets me the best deals for my non-profits.” May 4, 2011